Thursday, January 26, 2012

Jewel on the Lower East Side

Eldridge Street Synagogue

In early December I visited the Eldridge Street Synagogue,  a wonderful Moorish-style building,  rich with history and architectural detail. The synagogue first opened its doors on Sept 4, 1887, just in time for the High Holidays.  Hundreds of Russian and Polish immigrants prayed and worshiped freely here for the next fifty years.
From 1920-1940's the membership began to dwindle and the building deteriorated. In the early 1980's a group formed to save this treasure.  In 1996, the building was made  a national historic landmark, Since then, 18.5 million dollars have been raised and The Eldridge Street Synagogue has been restored to its original grandeur. A crowing element of the restoration is a stain-glass window designed by artist Kiki Smith and architect Deborah Gans.


Fred Sigman said...

Did you ever see the stained glass windows that Rita Abbey did for the synagogue in Summerlin?

Kathleen Nathan said...

Was it in Summerlin or at the Oakey location?

nathan morris said...

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